Stratford Riverside

Client: Stratford Riverside

Project Description

This project focussed on carefully conceived ecological interventions designed to increase overall levels of biodiversity and lay the foundation for the designation of this semi-natural landscape as an Local Nature Reserve (LNR), along with the construction of a new cycleway connecting an existing car park with the town centre. This has entailed developing and maintaining a very close working relationship with the project ecologist, Middlemarch to ensure that the aim of selling the associated Biodiversity Net Gain credits to resource the ongoing management of the site, could be comfortably achieved. This includes the creation of extensive new wetland habitats (with all the resulting spoil being accommodated on site), with associated extensive flood modelling carried out in close conjunction with JBA Consulting.

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 The proposed future gravel grid surfaced car park extensions have been carefully configured to minimise impacts on existing trees / hedgerows and fully integrate them into their landscape setting. Although the amount of new tree planting is minimal on this particular site, the scheme has involved enhancement of the existing plantation woodland through the undertaking of thinning / coppicing works and the planting of native species understorey, wildflowers and bulbs.