How we work

Design with Nature has a strong commitment to a people-centred design process, formulating proposals which prioritise the needs of the end users while at the same time seeking to fulfil the natural potential of a site and providing habitats for wildlife. Flair and creativity are very much centre-stage, but we also have our feet firmly on the ground, in terms of putting forward cost effective pragmatic solutions to particular problems. We are friendly, enthusiastic designers, who listen carefully to our clients. 

Particular skills we bring to our projects include:

Engagement and consultation

– an understanding of the best way to get the maximum level of input from all the key partners listed in the brief, other interested parties and members of the local community, so that the resulting scheme meets as many aspirations as possible and optimises all the relevant potential opportunities offered by a particular site.


– our design approach is focused on ‘place-making’ – designing spaces so that they feel like a distinct place in their own right, somewhere to go, with a strongly developed character and atmosphere. To facilitate this objective strong emphasis is placed on the use of natural locally occurring materials.

People skills

– we really enjoy working with clients who are enthusiastic and interested in making a difference through a design-led process. Over the years our director, Mark Stefan has worked on some very challenging schemes, developing good negotiating skills to address conflicting objectives and aspirations.

We would love to see how we can add value to your project.
Please e-mail or call us on 01952 551307