Our design ethos

Our design ethos is focussed on the following three objectives:


Application of sustainable drainage principles to both reduce the quantity and improve the quality of water outputs from a site. This involves working closely with drainage engineers and well-designed schemes result in a richer landscape with much higher levels of amenity and biodiversity. The implementation of integrated SuDs proposals, which include effective source control measures, is scheduled to become mandatory in 2024.


Optimising opportunities for the protection / creation of new habitats to both create nature-rich places and provide clients with the best possible Biodiversity Net Gain outcome, something of particular importance given that the achievement of 10% net gain is due to become mandatory in November 2023.


Design of therapeutic landscapes that provide people with physical, visual and auditory access to nature and help improve their overall levels of well-being. This is beneficial for both the individual and wider society as it is likely to result in reduced rates of illness / absence from work and can serve to reduce the overall demand on the NHS. 

The fulfilment of these objectives will also be of great assistance in relation to any Building with Nature accreditation application.

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